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April 9, 2009

Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Mark 16:1-8

della Francesca, "Resurrection," Sansepolcro Museo Civico

della Francesca, "Resurrection," Sansepolcro Museo Civico

The story is told of Carlyle Marney when once addressing a group of college students was asked to say something about the resurrection.
“I can’t discuss that with people like you,” he responded.  “Why not?” came the reply.  “I don’t discuss such matters with anyone under the age of thirty”.  Taken aback and somewhat offended, came the obvious question, “Why not?”
“Look at you,” Marney said, “prime of life, full of potential, never have you known honest to God failure, heartbreak, solid defeat, brick walls or mortality.  So what in God’s name can you know of a dark world which only makes sense if Christ is raised?”

Those who are well-fed, well-healed, well-housed, well-futured; those who have never known Good Friday worlds, no matter what their age, will ever really be able to fully begin to understand the victory and the joy of Resurrection Day.

The joy of the Resurrection is no superficial joy.  It has little to do with broad, innocent grins; or of the blythfulness of unwrinkled faces.  The depth of Resurrection joy is seen on faces whose lines of anguish have been turned into laughter lines.

Only those who have experienced Good Fridays, dark nights, and immoveable obstacles, will be able to understand.  Only those who have sung dirges will be able to sing Alleluia.

However, make no mistake.  Entering our tombs, exploring the emptiness that we there find, touching the pain that we attempt to keep sealed up, hiding the bruises and scars of our Good Friday worlds, is not the Easter message.  At best, it is only the beginning of a catharsis.  It is an invitation.

Nevertheless, it is only after we have entered the tombs & sealed places of life, that we will be able to hear the Easter proclamation in all of its fullness, “He has risen, he is not here”. He has conquered death; the dominion of evil has been broken; the just and righteous will be vindicated; and the empty places will be filled to overflowing!

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